BST 290: Haiyan Huang

Biostatistics Seminar: Haiyan Huang, UC Berkeley

DATE: Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
TIME: 4:10pm
LOCATION: Mathematical Sciences Building 1147

SPEAKER: Haiyan Huang, University of California, Berkeley

TITLE: Identifying gene interactions using sparse canonical correlation analysis with resampling


Identifying gene interactions has been one of the major tasks in understanding biological processes. However, due to the difficulty in characterizing/inferring different types of biological gene relationships, as well as several computational issues arising from dealing with high-dimensional biological data, finding groups of interacting genes remains challenging. In this work we elucidate higher-level gene-gene interactions (i.e., gene group interactions) by evaluating conditional dependencies between genes, i.e., the relationships between genes after removing the influences of a set of other functionally related genes. The detailed technique involves performing sparse canonical correlation analysis with repeated subsampling and random partition. This technique is especially unique and powerful in evaluating conditional dependencies when the correct dependent sets are unknown or only partially known. When used effectively, this is a promising technique to recover gene relationships that would have otherwise been missed by standard methods. In addition, comparisons with other methods using simulated and real data show this method achieves considerably lower false positive rates.

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