Double Major MS Admissions

Double-Major MS application guideline

If you are a current UC Davis graduate student and would like to add Biostatistics as a double-major master's degree, you can apply once you've completed at least one quarter as a UCD graduate student.  Feel free to reach out to the Chair of the Biostatistics program, Professor Danielle Harvey, with questions.  

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  UC Davis graduate students may apply once they've completed at least one quarter as a graduate student.

Recommendation: We strongly suggest that you take a couple of Biostatistics MS program core course requirements before applying to the double major. It is helpful to show demonstrated ability to increase the chance of success with the material before admitting.

Applications for the Biostatistics double-major master's degree are made internally, not through the online application system. If you wish to apply, please send the following documents to the Masters Program Coordinator, Amy McFarland (

  • Transcripts: UCD transcripts as well as transcripts from prior institutes where you attended for undergraduate and/or graduate studies.  Unofficial copies are sufficient.
  • Personal Statement: Tell the committee a little about yourself and highlight your academic preparation and motivation; interests, specializations and how an MS in Biostatistics would support your career &/or further education goals.  (No length requirement; a page or so is typical)
  • Three letters of recommendation: Please ask the letter writers to send their recommendations directly to Amy McFarland (


  1. The program coordinator will compile the application material into one file and send it to the MS admissions committee for review.

  2. Click here for MS admission and course requirements.  The admission requirements stated are the minimum requirements. It is expected that successful applicants have already had knowledge of and prior exposure to statistical methods as evidenced, for example, through completion of relevant courses with good grades.

  3. If admitted, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor and should make an appointment with them discuss a study plan.

  4. Students in a double major program may share up to 12 units between graduate degrees with the approval of the graduate advisor and the Dean of Graduate Studies. The student must spend a minimum of two quarters in regular graduate standing in the Statistics master’s program to meet the residency requirements of the Graduate Division.