Epidemiology/Biostatistics Joint Symposium 2009

Biostatistics and Epidemiology Joint Symposium, March 6, 2009

A collaborative meeting between faculty and graduate students from the Graduate Group in Biostatistics and the Graduate Group in Epidemiology. Mathematical Sciences Building 1147

List of speakers:

  • Dr. Ellen Gold, "Ongoing Multidisciplinary Research and Student Involvement"
  • Yolanda Hagar, "Adventures in Thesis Writing"
  • Elizabeth Yakes, "Advice from the field: data collection challenges and solutions"
  • Meng Mao, "Analysis of survival data with long-term survivors"
  • Janie Shelton, "Adjusting for Within-Household Clustering Effects When Household Identifiers are not Available"
  • Christopher M. Barker, "Hierarchical Bayesian modeling in vectorborne disease systems"
  • Dr. Daniel Tancredi, "Using statistical methods to assess a standard analytical strategy in epidemiology"
  • Wendy Jiang, "Missing data in likelihood"
  • Michael McAssey, "Identifying instants of coherence among subsets of gamma rhythms in the mammal brain"
  • Elizabeth Van Wormer, "Linking Land to Sea: Terrestrial Toxoplasma in Coastal California"
  • Dr. Jie Peng, "Integrative analysis of multiple types of genomics data"
  • Dr. Bruce Leistikow, "Sentinel Health Events as exposure markers minimizing selection, misclassification, and detection biases: Detecting a 2 billion death, multi-quadrillion dollar epidemiologic booboo?"

Round-table discussions:

  • Brant Schumaker and Dr. Ellen Gold, "The Collaborative Approach to Research: Advantages and Challenges"
  • Dr. Laurel Beckett and Dr. Danielle Harvey, "Planning for a Career in a Medical School"
  • Dr. Christiana Drake and Dr. Tim Carpenter, "Finding a Major Professor/ Dissertation Topic"


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meng mao

wendy jiang

erin esp, andrea gottlieb and sandra mohammed

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chris drake and tim carpenter

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