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biostats modelBiostatistics is a field of science that applies quantitative methods to study life-sciences-related problems that arise in a broad array of fields, from genetics, bioinformatics, and the medical, biological, agricultural and environmental health sciences.

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Graduate Degrees in Biostatistics

The Graduate Group in Biostatistics offers both a Ph.D. and a Master's program. Our graduate programs provide students with a solid training in the biostatistical core disciplines and theory, state-of-the art knowledge and skills for biostatistical data analysis, substantial exposure to the biological and epidemiological sciences, and a strong background in theoretical modeling, statistical techniques and quantitative as well as computational methods. Our Ph.D. program typically takes five years to complete, while our Master's program takes two years.

The Graduate Group in Biostatistics at UC Davis is committed to Inclusive Excellence through a supportive, diverse and collaborative environment in which we learn from each other through informed and open communication and unparalleled commitment to excellence in diversity and inclusion.


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