Christiana Drake, Ph.D.

Chris Drake

Position Title


4101 Mathematical Sciences Building
One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Research Interests

  • Causal Inference

  • Missing Data

  • Epidemiology

Recent Publications

  • Loux, TM, Drake, C, Smith-Gagen, J. A comparison of marginal odds ratio estimators. Statistical methods in medical research, 26(1): 155-175.
  • Love, WJ, Lehenbauer, TW, Van Eenennaam, AL, Drake, CM, Kass, PH, Farver, TB, Aly, SS. Sensitivity and specificity of on-farm scoring systems and nasal culture to detect bovine respiratory disease complex in preweaned dairy calves. Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc, 28(2): 119-28.
  • Townsend, MS, Shilts, MK, Styne, DM, Drake, C, Lanoue, L, Woodhouse, L, Allen, LH. Vegetable behavioral tool demonstrates validity with MyPlate vegetable cups and carotenoid and inflammatory biomarkers. Appetite, 107: 628-638.
  • Smith-Gagen, J, Loux, T, Drake, C, Pérez-Stable, EJ. How Does Managed Care Improve the Quality of Breast Cancer Care Among Medicare-Insured Minority Women? Journal of racial and ethnic health disparities, 3(3): 496-507.
  • Savoy, RM, Chen, L, Siddiqui, S, Melgoza, FU, Durbin-Johnson, B, Drake, C, Jathal, MK, Bose, S, Steele, TM, Mooso, BA, D'Abronzo, LS, Fry, WH, Carraway, KL, Mudryj, M, Ghosh, PM. Transcription of Nrdp1 by the androgen receptor is regulated by nuclear filamin A in prostate cancer. Endocrine-related cancer, 22(3): 369-86.
  • Aly, S.S., W.J. Love, D.R. Williams, T.W. Lehenbauer, A.Van Eenennaam, C. Drake, P.H. Kass and T.B. Farver. Agreement between bovine respiratory disease scoring systems for pre-weaned dairy calves. Animal Health Research Reviews, ISSN 1466-2523.


  • University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, Ph.D.